Textile Sizing Adhesives

We are the leading manufacturer of textile sizing adhesives. Textile sizing adhesive is made from modified starches and hydrocolloids, sources such as maize and tapioca. The function of sizing adhesive is to provide a thin layer on the yarn surface. The role of Textile sizing adhesive is to provide a thin layer on the yarn surface to resist the yarn from breakage. Textile sizing adhesive gives good fiber characteristics to the thread. It is compatible with all types of textile machinery.

Textile sizing adhesive is used to provide efficient production in the weaving department to ensure smooth running in the textile industry. Textile sizing adhesives are used approximately in every textile industry. It prevents yarn breakage during the weaving process, as yarn breakage results in machinery downtime. Weaving is mainly a mechanical process that needs efficient technology to hold the challenges posed to yarns, especially to threads made of wool, linen, cotton, viscose, and blends of synthetic fibers. The presence of an effective textile sizing adhesive reduces the breakage and strengthens the warp yarns.

Textile Sizing Adhesives Exporter

Textile sizing adhesives have gained prominence in the textile industry due to the presence of high strengthening agents. We offer these adhesives at reasonable prices.

Starke adhesive is the best in delivering a quality product to clients. We never leave clients for any chance of disappointment.

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