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Oxidized starch is a modified starch formulation with controlled viscosity and extra strong film properties. Oxidized Starch finds wide application in the field of paper (coating & sizing). It helps in improving wax pick, gloss smoothness of paper by forming strong and flexible film fibre. A viscosity of Oxidized Starch can be modified as per customer specification.

Oxidized starch we manufacture, supply and export are one of the most common modified starches in surface sizing because of its good film-forming characteristic and reduced tendency to retro-gradation. It improves the quality of paper and cardboard based on primary and secondary semi-finished products.

Oxidized starch is a modified starch shaped, produced and manufactured utilizing oxygenation of high excellence quality native tapioca starch with a changed variety of oxidizing agents and oxidized starch as are attained. The Oxidized Starch has smaller chain sizes and length than native starches. Oxidized Starches are the finest and best thickener for applications requiring and needful gels of low inflexibility and rigidity. Oxidized Starch improves adhesion in batters and breading. Thinned and diluted resolutions of highly quality oxidized starches remain strong and clear on lengthy and prolonged storage, manufacturing and making them suitable for many applications.


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Technical Specifications:

1Appearance White colour, Free Flowing Powder
2pH 5.5 – 8.0
3Moisture content% Max12.0
4Viscosity in Brookfield ViscometerCPS50-500
5Ash Content% Max1.5
6Brightness % Min93.0
7Cold Water Solubility % Max4.0


It used in Paper Manufacturing Industry, Textile Industry and Construction Industry.

Packing :

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