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STARKE ADHESIVE PVT LTD is involved in the business of Manufacturing, Supplying & Export of starch based Products. We have wide variety of products to customers included Oxidized Starch, Cationic Starch, Spray Starch, Pasting Gum, Corrugation Gum, Paper Cone Gum, Paper Tube Gum, Thin Boiling Starch, White Dextrin, Yellow Dextrin, Oil Well Drilling Starch, Briquette Binder, Pellet Binder, Fish Feed Binder, Textile Printing Gum, Yarn Sizing Gum, Incense / Agarbatti Binder and other products.

STARKE ADHESIVE PVT LTD is continuously striving to satisfy the growing and changing demands of the industry with its wide range of Quality products, timely delivery, and competitive rates are the major key features of our company.

For motives of standardizing our existence in the market, we keep advancing of the proficiency on regular basis. We are equipped with all the required machinery and tools, which help us in the attainment of our organization’s predefined purposes and objectives, in the most talented manner. For reasons of supervising the operations of the enterprise, with great ease, the competency has been alienated into a number of operational divisions.

We treat our customers as business partners because the value we put in their products and efficiency in their processes through our Word-Class quality product services ensure our long terms partnership with them.


Our mission is to provide the customers with excellent quality products, most effective communication & best possible offer. We wish to enhance our performance with each deal we are involved in and true to our nature we surely excel in the same.


Our Vision is to create impactful solutions that empower our customers, inspire our employees, and contribute positively to the communities we serve. Together, we are shaping a brighter tomorrow.

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