Starke One Shot Starch

Starke Adhesive is surging ahead in the textile and paper industries with tailor-made application-oriented functional product manufacturing and marketing. To enrich the product range in textile application Starke Adhesive introduced Starke One shot series of modified starch-based yarn sizing product design to suit the requirements of high speed looms. Starke Adhesive One Shot is a single product sizing agent and comparable with all other ingredients. Starke Adhesive One Shot, Starke One Shot Starch is specially designed to fulfill the sizing need of the Terry Towel industries. The sized yarn gives a smooth and soft feel in addition to increased yarn tensile strength and wear ability.


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Technical Specifications:Starke One Shot Starch

Sr.No Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance   Cream colour, Free Flowing Powder
2 pH   6.0 – 8.0
3 Moisture content % Max 14.0
4 Viscosity in Brookfield Viscometer sec 6-8
5 Ash Content % Max 5.0


Thin Boiling Starch is used in the Textile industry.

Packing :

Packaging - Cold Pasting Gum Powder Manufacturer
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