Tapioca Starch Powder Adhesive for Corrugated Cartons

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of tapioca starch powder adhesive for corrugated cartons. We provide fine quality starch powder adhesive; it is the secret for producing strong corrugated cartons. The strength of corrugated carton depends upon the raw materials used and the molecular bonding present between the particles. The bonding strength relies on the quality of starch, paper, glue penetration, and running speed. 

Tapioca starch is used in making powder adhesives; it works as raw material for various industries such as the plywood industry, paper industry, carton industry, etc. Tapioca starch powder adhesive comes with great binding strength and is offered in powdered form. The tapioca starch Powder adhesive is lighter in weight and easy to transport to faraway places. It is easy to store it like other adhesives and can’t dry out. It is flexible in nature and can store for long periods. It will never lose its strength when left open.

Tapioca Starch Powder Adhesive for Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated carton is used in many industries such as; Foods and beverages, frozen foods, high humidity areas, tobacco, fruits and vegetables, flower packaging, outdoor storage, and more.

 Starke adhesive is the best in delivering quality products to clients. Our other products are cold pasting gum powder, corrugation gum powder, paper tube gum powder, white dextrin powder, yellow dextrin powder, much more.

We supply first-class products at cost-effective prices. Feel free to contact us; we are present 24/7 to help you out.

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