Gypsum Board Starch

Starke Adhesive, based in Ahmedabad, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality gypsum board starch. Its also called gypsum binding adhesive. Our products are created specifically to satisfy the demands of the gypsum board manufacturing sector. As a key component in the production of gypsum boards, our gypsum board starch offers excellent binding properties, ensuring a strong and durable bond between the gypsum core and the paper-facing. It provides optimal strength and stability to the finished boards, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in the construction and interior design sectors.

Our gypsum board starch is designed to enhance the performance and characteristics of gypsum boards. With its improved viscosity and binding properties, it facilitates better adhesion, faster drying, and increased strength of the boards. It also contributes to the fire resistance and sound insulation properties of the gypsum boards, making them an ideal choice for building projects that require superior safety and acoustic performance.

Our gypsum board starches have various viscosity range to match with gypsum board operation temperature that provide good migration of starch molecules resulting to good adhesion between gypsum core and paper liner.Starch is gelatinized during the manufacturing process. Due to its hydrophilic nature, it functions by controlling the rate of water loss during drying of the board. Gelatinized starch migrates to the surface and controls the rate of crystallization of the gypsum, providing a strong bond between the gypsum and the liner.


Technical Specification for GYPSUM BOARD STARCH

1. Source Maize Starch Powder
2. Physical state Fine white powder
3. pH 10% w/v Dispersion 05.00 to 07.0
4. Moisture (% by weight ±2%) 12 % Max.
5. Ash (% by weight) 1% Max
6 Viscosity 20 -30 CPS
7 Solid Content 15-16%
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